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24 x 7 Database Monitoring
DBCare will monitor performance, host, space, audit, resources, and security events. DBCare automatically sends alerts, warnings, and system status to customer's wireless devices, and email addresses. This plug and play appliance does not reside on your server nor does it take up valuable system resources in performing its monitoring duties.

Increase I.T. Productivity
DBCare is a database appliance that provides real-time minute-by-minute situational awareness. This appliance alerts you of database issues before they become a problem, and sends alerts to your email, PDA, cell phone or pager. As a result, your valuable DBAs are performing tasks more suited to their capabilities and the needs of your IT operation, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

How does it work?
DBCare connects to your database to send optimized SQL statements to monitor the system views and other system objects. DBCare also interacts with your operating system to find out the status of the database server processes and the amount of disk space available on the server running your database.

As soon as the value of any event falls below or above the thresholds that you set, DBCare sends an alert to your email address. You can configure two sets of thresholds: warning thresholds and alarm thresholds. DBCare uses proper algorithm to regulate messages frequency to avoid email flooding. In other words, you will not receive an email message every minute even if one event fails every minute.

While DBCare does not monitor all possible events in your database, it effectively focuses on a subset of key events that usually represent the source of most database problems.

Advanced Features
Product features give you total flexibility and control of how the alerts are received, who receives them, and who receives what kind of alert. Alerts can be prioritized based on severity.