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1. Does DBCare install objects or stored procedures in my database server?
No. DBCare sends optimized SQL statements to your database server to monitor its state. DBCare also interacts with the operating system to monitor file systems and processes.

2. Can DBCare monitor multiple databases on the same server?
Yes. A single appliance can point to many servers and each server can have one or more database instances.

3. I must change the IP address that has been assigned to DBCare, will I have to reinstall everything?
No. Simply follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. Make sure that all the networking parameters are valid before rebooting the appliance.

4. Does DBCare contain its own email server?
No. DBCare relays email through your mail server, which can be specified via DBCare's Global Settings menu.

5. Can I define my own event in DBCare?
No. The current version of DBCare does not allow you to define your own event.

6. Which version of Oracle does DBCare support?
DBCare has been tested with Oracle 7.x, Oracle 8i, and Oracle 9i.

7. Does DBCare monitor Microsoft SQL Server in addition to Oracle?

8. I am not able to connect to my DBCare appliance through the Web Configuration tool?
You need to ensure that the network cable is properly connected and that you have a valid URL (http://dbcareIP:8080/dbcare). You might have to reboot the appliance and wait between 3 to 5 minutes before trying again.

9. How do I specify whether I want to monitor SQL Server or Oracle?
When you create your DBCare instance, you always inherit from a parent instance, which is either an Oracle instance or a SQL Server instance. In case you haven't created your own template instance, you will inherit the default instances that are shipped with the appliance.